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Welcome to new Bugs For Bugs

First of all, welcome the new Bugs For Bugs website!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog, and very first blog post!  Here I will discuss bugs of course, but will not limit it to that.  I will share my many interests with you.  Let’s get started.

One interest I have is writing.  Until now, aside from literature for Bugs For Bugs, my writing was very personal and was meant for an individual.  I first got into it when I had some long backpacker travels when I was young.  This was in the early 90s; when the World Wide Web was taking its first pitter-patter steps and most people didn’t have email addresses, including me.  During my travels to faraway places, I met some amazing people from all over the world. 

We struck up friendships and to keep in touch we exchanged our addresses.  Yes, physical addresses, as in the point of this is to write each other letters.  Put pen to paper, stuff it in an envelope, put a stamp in it and put it in the post.  During the early nineties, I would write several letters a week to my globe-trotting friends from all over.  And do you want to know the secret to receive mail?  It’s writing mail!  During several years in the early nineties, I would receive several pieces of mail a week.  I accumulated shoe boxes of mail! 

There’s something special and now nostalgic to unfolding tactile sheets of paper in your hand and reading the words in ink from your friend’s unique handwriting style.  You could get creative and draw figures on the paper, or even cut photos from magazines and paste them on to the paper to give the letter a bit of a ‘story effect’.  Now you know where the term ‘cut and paste’ comes from! 

I miss those days.  Back then we were getting our first computers and monitors were just starting to be in colour.  I remember within my circle of friends, the person that bought the latest computer would have the latest specs and they had bragging rights for a while.  And finally, it came to the day when one friend got a computer that had a whopping 1 gigabyte of hard drive memory!  The megabyte war was over, vanquished by the almighty GIGABYTE!  Now we have much more powerful computers in the palm of our hands.  People call them smartphones, but really they are multi-purpose minicomputers that also have phone call making and receiving capabilities.  And they take pretty good photos too!  I’m amazed at how good they have gotten.  Many (all?) of the testimonial photos on this site were taken on smartphones.  By the way, I just bought a computer recently and now I have the bragging rights.  6 core processor, 2 GB solid state drive, 24 GB of RAM, and a 5K 27-inch screen that has 1 billion colours.  This machine is a pleasure to work on.  I am using it now to write this!  🙂

Back to the topic of writing.  I did all the writing for this site and let me tell you – writing is hard work!  I have a newfound respect for copywriters.  It takes a lot of effort to organize your thoughts and then write them in a style that is inviting, interesting, and hopefully even a little fun to read.  It is difficult but when it’s done it’s deeply satisfying.   

I tried to blend interesting, factual copy with a dash of humour and write it in a colloquial style.  And sometimes use attention-grabbing headlines.  After all, I wanted the site to get your interest and yet be easy and familiar to read as if I was talking with a farming buddy.  How did I do?  Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.


Frank Marchetti

General Manager

Bugs For Bugs


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