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Bugs For Bugs has been Canada’s leading supplier of fly parasites since 2002.

Its founder, Frank Marchetti, was previously the chief technical consultant for the North American operations of the second largest producer of beneficial insects in the world. He travelled all over N.A. and Europe, initially for training from the world’s leading experts in biological pest management; and subsequently became one of Canada’s experts in the field, giving lectures at pest management conferences, the University of Guelph, providing training for many companies’ staff, and liaising with OMAFRA. Bugs For Bugs has been active in promoting research by providing fly parasites and knowledge for fly control trials with the University of Guelph and OMAFRA. Positive results were achieved from these research and trials and following this the use of fly parasites were promoted in official government literature and can be downloaded for free from the OMAFRA website (Pub. 849).




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We customize a fly parasite program tailored to your operation and schedule shipments to you throughout the season.  We get all the necessary information into our databases and create shipping accounts for you.  Your privacy is important to us.  We never share your information with 3rd parties.

We provide informative and helpful literature to get you started and throughout the season.  One-to-one follow-up through email and telephone.  We’re always available whenever you need us.

We want to hear from you about our product and service.  We fine tune your program to make it better next season/flock.

Read what our customers have to say.

Annette Bakker

This is my third year ordering Fly Parasites from Bugs For Bugs. I am very happy with how well it works. It has really cut down the fly population during the season. Even visitors comment on how little flies we have. I like it that it is not harmful to the environment, unlike expensive pesticides. They arrive on time at regular intervals throughout the fly season. Very easy to use!! It’s not expensive!! The service is great!!

Englehart, Ontario

Bob and Carol Passmore

After 40 years, we went into semi-retirement last October by selling our certified organic beef herd and marketing business. Because of the “Bugs for Bugs” program, we were able to control the fly population in an environmentally sensible way to reduce the associated herd health issues. The program was inexpensive, simple and effective. The fly parasite packages arrived punctually and were dated so we knew when to apply them. Thank you, Frank, for introducing us to your natural pest management system. Our pets and grand-children thank you as well.

St. Marys, Ontario

Nicolea Dow

After starting another summer on the farm with swarms of flies, I saw an ad for Bugs for Bugs in one of the poultry magazines and decided to give them a call – I’m so glad I did! With livestock being a new venture on the farm, we had no experience managing flies and were quickly realizing we needed some new tools. After a call to Frank at Bugs for Bugs I gained a wealth of knowledge on flies and a plan for managing them on our farm. Within a few weeks of starting to release fly parasites we went from having flies as a constant pest to having very few around the farm yard. Using fly parasites has been so much more effective than pesticides were at reducing our fly population and is much easier to use, safer and cost-effective. Every 2 weeks a fresh package of fly parasites comes in the mail and all we have to do is take 5 minutes to sprinkle them on our manure piles. We’ve been so happy with our experience working with Bugs for Bugs and have recommended them to several of our friends and neighbours.

Ronald Farms Inc.  Portage Le Prairie, MB

Terry Howell

I have been using the BUGS FOR BUGS biological fly control program on my dairy farm for over 10 years! I really like it, and the principles behind it, no chemicals or sprays. I use no other fly control products, and find the fly population quite manageable on our 80 cow dairy in the summer months. I distribute the pouches of parasitic wasps weekly, which is a quick, easy and clean task anyone could do. The pouches are delivered right to my door, through Canada Post, which is very convenient. Any issues throughout the years have been dealt with quickly and in a timely manner by the staff at Bugs for Bugs. The cost of this program is very comparable to traditional fly control methods without the risk of health concerns for us or the animals we care for. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who would consider an alternative approach to fly control on their farm.

Maplebrae Farm Inc. Jerseyville, Ontario

Kevin MacLean

Every day at Ripplebrook Farm we clean up left over milk-cow feed with the skid-steer loader and feed it to our bred heifers.  Prior to using fly parasites from “Bugs for bugs” the flies would swarm in your face in the loader as we scraped up the feed.  After we started using the fly parasites the most noticeable difference was that the flies were no longer lingering in that left over feed.  Sure there are still flies but the population is far less.  We are now on our 9th year using “Bugs for bugs” as our fly parasite provider.

Ripplebrook Farm Napanee, Ontario

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