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We have many pleased customers.

Whether controlling flies on a small hobby farm or for a huge multi-site operation, we’ve got your back.

Bugs For Bugs keeps its customers year after year because we help you control flies at a fair price. Read what some of our customers have to say.

Kevin MacLean

Every day at Ripplebrook Farm we clean up left over milk-cow feed with the skid-steer loader and feed it to our bred heifers. Prior to using fly parasites from “Bugs for bugs” the flies would swarm in your face in the loader as we scraped up the feed. After we started using the fly parasites the most noticeable difference was that the flies were no longer lingering in that left over feed. Sure there are still flies but the population is far less. We are now on our 9th year using “Bugs for bugs” as our fly parasite provider.

Ripplebrook Farm Napanee, Ontario

Terry Howell

I have been using the BUGS FOR BUGS biological fly control program on my dairy farm for over 10 years! I really like it, and the principles behind it, no chemicals or sprays. I use no other fly control products, and find the fly population quite manageable on our 80 cow dairy in the summer months. I distribute the pouches of parasitic wasps weekly, which is a quick, easy and clean task anyone could do. The pouches are delivered right to my door, through Canada Post, which is very convenient. Any issues throughout the years have been dealt with quickly and in a timely manner by the staff at Bugs for Bugs. The cost of this program is very comparable to traditional fly control methods without the risk of health concerns for us or the animals we care for. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who would consider an alternative approach to fly control on their farm.

Maplebrae Farm Inc. Jerseyville, Ontario

Susan Bunge

Very clear instructions are sent with every delivery. I started using this fly control program years ago. I had eleven horses at that time. When my herd reduced I decided that perhaps the flies would too. So, I did not order any that year. We were inundated with flies in the house that fall and then in the spring when the warmth hatched the overwintered larvae. I considered that year as my control year and have started the Bugs for Bugs cycle in April since then. We live in a tick-infested area so all I need for the horses is wipe down and inspection which means not spraying therefore not breathing or wasting pesticides. My year without Bugs for Bugs convinced me that eliminating disease spreading flies is necessary and definitely cuts down on toxic chemicals for both humans and horses.

Woodlawn, Ontario

Cathy Bewick

I have been using Bugs for Bugs for a number of years. My husband and myself own a garden centre and being environmentally responsible, have been using an integrated pest management{IPM} approach to control a variety of insects rather than insecticides. I was amazed at how well it worked and decided to try this approach in my horse barn. Previously, I used a misting system that sprayed pesticides to control flies. After the success of using Bugs for Bugs, I would never go back to using chemicals. Bugs for Bugs results have been overwhelming and has saved us money. I am extremely happy with the results of using the fly parasites in management of barn flies and are extremely easy to use. I order before fly season starts and they arrive every 2 weeks throughout the summer. Bugs for Bugs has allowed a healthy environment for both the horses and humans. I strongly recommend trying them and you will become a loyal customer like me.

Cedarcrest Farm Rothesay, New Brunswick

Sandra Harder

I first saw the work of fly parasites at a dairy farm where we bought hay for our three horses and was amazed by the fly control where previously they had none. The farm provided the contact info to Bugs For Bugs and the rest is history. I live where there is heavy black soil and in all years the flies are pretty much unbearable but especially in wet summers from mid July to early September. Fly parasites worked unbelievably well controlling the fly population and now we enjoy the summers with the horses not being tormented by flies. The bugs arrive as scheduled and the product is so easy to use and takes only minutes to apply. I don’t know they are there after application. Ordering is easy and the company follows up with great service if you have any questions or concerns. The product is affordable and I like the fact that it is all natural. No chemicals to worry about. I recommend to anyone who has a fly population issue. It really works!

Morris, Manitoba

Joanne Kay

I have been using ‘Bugs for Bugs’ for the past 12 years. They are an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly way of reducing the fly problem. They arrive on time at regular intervals, and are reasonably priced. ‘Bugs for Bugs’ are the cornerstone of my fly management program.

Erin, Ontario

Virgil Unruh

I have 10,000 ‘free run’ commercial layers on 100% slatted shallow pit system. I’ve always been sceptical of ‘natural’ methods of fly control. My first flock I had a very bad fly problem. Lots of spraying and cold weather did finally control it, but I knew the next summer I needed a better solution. So I decided to try the Bugs For Bugs method, and Frank got me going early in spring. I could count on 2 hands the flies I saw ALL summer long – no spraying, no fly bait and a lot simpler AND less cost. The best fly control I’ve ever seen! I’m sold on the system.

Unruh Farms Ltd. Acme, Alberta

Tom Drost

I believe in the product and think it pays dividends in terms of production. The service is very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend it for ease of use and safety.

Drost Cattle Inc. Fergus, Ontario

Jane Kapteyn

We are dairy farmers with about 200 animals in the barns give or take a few. These animals have no couth and so do not clean up after themselves. This attracts many flies. When entering the barn you would continually wave your hands before your face just to be able to breath and see. We have always used the normal/usual forms of fly control. My house also was infested with flies. Since we have been using the Bugs for Bugs program we can sit down to eat without having to hold on to our plates so the flies would not carry our plate away. The barn is also much more pleasant to walk through. I strongly know it works but we still use fly tape as a backup. We are not fly free but fly controlled. We have been using fly parasites from Bugs For Bugs since 2007, (for 13 years!) and will continue to do so.

Cobourg, Ontario

Kelley Burry

Bugs For Bugs Fly Parasites are one of the most efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly ways to address house fly issues on your farm or property. I have been using fly parasites for over 8 years now and couldn’t be more pleased with the easy “house fly free zone” on my farm! No more fly tapes hanging from the ceiling in barn and house and there are no toxic chemicals or pesticides! I was excited to find an option that was not a risk to any of the people or animals and would not harm the environment. With the help of the experts at Bugs For Bugs you get a delivery schedule and fly parasite colony plan that totally reduces house flies in your barn and farm property. The colonies are delivered at regular intervals from spring to fall and you simply follow the directions to distribute them around the farm where fly larva grows. Very easy to use! The cost is also very reasonable compared to other methods of fly control.
Thanks Bugs For Bugs!

Namaste Esperanza Retreat Newport, Nova Scotia

Michael Lightfoot

I have used fly parasites annually, supplied from Frank at Bugs for Bugs in our breeder barn and broiler barns for several years now. They are an economical and sustainable alternative to pesticides; in fact, there is no comparison to how well they control flies in the barn and around the yard. Pesticides are very expensive and ineffective as the flies build up immunity very quickly. Furthermore, the pesticide is dangerous to your animals and employees as well. The fly parasites are hardly even seen; they stay down in manure where flies breed… super easy and clean to scatter out by hand. We have set up regular deliveries based on our flocks’ age and size and they come on time. Any time we needed to tweak an order or change anything Frank was very easy to deal with. I tell you before we discovered the Bugs for Bugs natural solution to our fly problem, we had neighbours complaining about flies and our farm house was at times disgusting with all the flies. We were spraying hundreds of dollars per day with strong and dangerous chemicals that just did not work. I think every poultry farmer I know uses fly parasites now and I believe in it so strongly; it just works so well.

D&M Lightfoot Farms Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Annette Bakker

This is my third year ordering Fly Parasites from Bugs For Bugs. I am very happy with how well it works. It has really cut down the fly population during the season. Even visitors comment on how little flies we have.
I like it that it is not harmful to the environment, unlike expensive pesticides. They arrive on time at regular intervals throughout the fly season.
Very easy to use!!
It’s not expensive!!
The service is great!!

Englehart, Ontario

Brian Anderson

We have used Bugs for Bugs for many years because the fly control is excellent. The packages are delivered in a timely manner depending on the application interval we have chosen. The bugs are easy to use. We like Bugs for Bugs because it an effective product that is safer for the environment and our animals and our employees than using pesticides.

Athlone Farms Inc. Tavistock, Ontario

Jean-Luc Desbiens

- Bugs for Bugs offre un excellent service à la clientèle
- Les produits sont toujours livrés dans les délais.
- Très facile d’utilisation
- C’est une excellente alternative aux pesticides. S’insère parfaitement dans un programme de lutte intégrée.
- Méthode de contrôle d’avenir particulièrement dans le contexte actuel où la protection de l’environnement est un enjeux d’actualité.

Terminix Quebec, Quebec

Cheryl Huis

I love Bugs for Bugs!! This is the best product I've ever used for fly control in the 30 years I have had horses. I currently have a small farm with 2 Arabian horses and 2 miniature horses. In the past, I bred Arabian horses and had up to 10 horses at one time. The fly predators have eliminated any need to use chemical sprays in my barn or outside in the paddocks. They are easy to use, always arrive on time and take about 5 minutes to spread around the paddock.
I find the price very reasonable compared to chemical sprays and the biggest bonus is not using pesticides that are harmful to the environment, me and my horses!! Every time somebody visits my farm, they always comment on the fact that we have very few flies buzzing around. I always tell them about “Bugs for Bugs”. Even my vet and my mail carrier are now using them!! I have been a customer of “Bugs for Bugs” for many years and Frank Marchetti has always provided exceptional customer service. Thank-you Frank for providing this product to all livestock farms!

Muirkirk, Ontario

Gydo & Annelieke De Vries

We used fly parasites last year and it was crazy how we had considerably less flies than previous years! The fly parasites come right on time, you don’t have to worry about ordering them every week. They are easy to spread out and they work fantastic! Best part is that we barely have to use any chemicals or pesticides to keep the flies to a minimum.

Shamrock Dairy Red Deer County, Alberta

Jitske DeJong

I have been using parasites from Bugs For Bugs for fly control since 2007. Every other week I receive a shipment by mail that is good for one treatment each week. Once I have determined where to use the parasites I open the bag and carefully spread them around which is clean and easy to do. Parasites are very effective as they prevent the flies from hatching, unlike pesticides, which kill the flies after they have laid their eggs. Some years this is the only fly control we use. We are happy with the service of Bugs for Bugs

Shelterhill Dairy Alma, Ontario

Janet Andresen

As a long-term customer of Bugs For Bugs, I cannot help but recommend this wonderful fly control system. These fly parasites are extremely effective at controlling the fly population on our horse farm. Over the last 10 years, we have been consistently rewarded with a fly free barn, and very low fly volume in our horse paddocks. The packages containing these wonderful bugs arrive promptly, and are very simple to use. They are completely safe around people and animals. My staff loves them; it is truly a pesticide free working solution to those pesky flies for livestock, equines, and other working farms. We highly recommend Bugs For Bugs!

Port Perry, Ontario

Elly Ellis

We have been using Bug for Bugs on our hobby farm for the past 6 years and like it because; it is very easy to use, arrives on time, there is no smell and no harmful pesticides, but most importantly it works. We do a lot of entertaining and like to eat outdoors in the summer when you can do so without flies hovering over your food you know the Bug for Bugs are working.

Port Perry, Ontario

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