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If you have livestock, birds, or horses, you will have detestable flies. Lots of them. They will lower your production, increase your vet bills, and bother the heck out of you as well.

Treat it naturally!
We've been providing fly control programs based on fly parasites for farms and stables from coast to coast since 2002.

Save Time

It’s easy to use and can be done quickly. No equipment, no mixing, no protective clothing or long, drawn-out process and then washing everything at the end.

Save Money

Fly infestation can lead to injury and infection of animals which can easily spread. Your vet bills can skyrocket and the cost of pesticides are significant too.

Rest Easy

It’s not rocket science, it’s biological science. Fly parasites have been around for thousands of years and they are hard wired to kill flies - that’s exactly what they do. It works!

We provide our customers all the tools to get the job done.

At Bugs For Bugs, our relationship with our customers does not stop with the sale. We provide everything that you need to get the best results.

Save the Planet

  • Pesticides are harmful to humans and animals through residual exposure.
  • They can pollute and contaminate surrounding air, soil, and water tables.
  • Overuse leads to pesticide resistance, so even more toxic formulations are required.
  • Pesticides also inadvertently kill non-target species such as bees and other pollinators.

Let’s control flies and also preserve our beautiful planet for future generations.

Read what our customers say.

Susan Bunge

Very clear instructions are sent with every delivery. I started using this fly control program years ago. I had eleven horses at that time. When my herd reduced I decided that perhaps the flies would too. So, I did not order any that year. We were inundated with flies in the house that fall and then in the spring when the warmth hatched the overwintered larvae. I considered that year as my control year and have started the Bugs for Bugs cycle in April since then. We live in a tick-infested area so all I need for the horses is wipe down and inspection which means not spraying therefore not breathing or wasting pesticides. My year without Bugs for Bugs convinced me that eliminating disease spreading flies is necessary and definitely cuts down on toxic chemicals for both humans and horses.

Woodlawn, Ontario

Terry Howell

I have been using the BUGS FOR BUGS biological fly control program on my dairy farm for over 10 years! I really like it, and the principles behind it, no chemicals or sprays. I use no other fly control products, and find the fly population quite manageable on our 80 cow dairy in the summer months. I distribute the pouches of parasitic wasps weekly, which is a quick, easy and clean task anyone could do. The pouches are delivered right to my door, through Canada Post, which is very convenient. Any issues throughout the years have been dealt with quickly and in a timely manner by the staff at Bugs for Bugs. The cost of this program is very comparable to traditional fly control methods without the risk of health concerns for us or the animals we care for. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who would consider an alternative approach to fly control on their farm.

Maplebrae Farm Inc. Jerseyville, Ontario

Kevin MacLean

Every day at Ripplebrook Farm we clean up left over milk-cow feed with the skid-steer loader and feed it to our bred heifers.  Prior to using fly parasites from “Bugs for bugs” the flies would swarm in your face in the loader as we scraped up the feed.  After we started using the fly parasites the most noticeable difference was that the flies were no longer lingering in that left over feed.  Sure there are still flies but the population is far less.  We are now on our 9th year using “Bugs for bugs” as our fly parasite provider.

Ripplebrook Farm Napanee, Ontario

You have questions?

- We have the answers!

Are fly parasites safe?

Our fly parasite species are all native to Canada, not from some faraway exotic place.  They will not wreak ecological havoc because they are already here!  They are natural enemies of flies but they have NO interest in humans, your animals, or even other insects.  Unless you go poke around in the manure you will probably not even see them.  THEY ARE DEADLY TO FLIES.

What does the product look like?

Your shipment will arrive in a sturdy, sealed box.  Open the box to reveal the fly parasites ‘pouches’ which have a see-through plastic film on one side, so you can easily see the contents.  The other side is a breathable membrane which is essential for air and moisture exchange in case the box has travelled through very hot conditions on its way to you.  Inside is mixture of parasitized fly pupae which contain the fly parasites, and wood shavings that act to regulate the product from temperature extremes, and to bulk up the product so it is easier to pace yourself when you release them.

When do I begin the fly parasite program?

It’s not the same for everyone and it doesn’t really work by the calendar.  It depends on several factors.  Firstly, where are you in Canada?  Ontario and British Columbia start earlier than northern Alberta.  It is influenced by your climatic zone.  Secondly, there are seasonal variations from year to year.  Some years we get a sudden and quick spring and you should start earlier.  The following year it could be the opposite and you could start 6 weeks later.  Unlike our competitors that pressure you to get started as soon as possible, we tell you the thing that makes sense: begin when you first start to notice flies.

Let us help you solve your fly problem.

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