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Better health

Flies pester us and cause stress. They can spread infections by being a vector of diseases. Pesticides have all kinds of negative side effects.

Save Money

Pesticides, fly traps, bug zappers, sticky strings - those costs add up, and they pale in comparison to vet bills to get rid of infections spread by flies.

Rest Easy

It’s not rocket science, it’s biological science. Fly parasites have been around for thousands of years and they are hard-wired to kill flies - that’s exactly what they do. It works!


Let’s face it - flies are bad. Clearly, something must be done to control them. Normal strategies target the adult stage but that’s always a short-term solution. Even after spraying a toxic pesticide it can be only a matter of days before you have many flies again.


Fly parasites are small parasitic insects that have been around for thousands of years, and we use a mixture of native species for optimal effect. They are completely harmless to humans and horses but are deadly to flies.

Fly parasites break the reproduction cycle of the flies. They survive by attacking the pupal stage of the fly and kill it before it has a chance to become an adult. This way the flies don’t even have a chance to cause any damage or do any harm - JOB DONE!


For humans and other animals. Deadly for flies.



Unlike pesticides, no harmful side effects.


Control flies before they mature and breed.


Will keep vet bill down too.


Bugs For Bugs keeps its customers year after year because we help you control flies at a fair price. Read what some of our customers have to say.

Elly Ellis

We have been using Bug for Bugs on our hobby farm for the past 6 years and like it because; it is very easy to use, arrives on time, there is no smell and no harmful pesticides, but most importantly it works. We do a lot of entertaining and like to eat outdoors in the summer when you can do so without flies hovering over your food you know the Bug for Bugs are working.

Port Perry, Ontario

Janet Anderson

As a long-term customer of Bugs For Bugs, I cannot help but recommend this wonderful fly control system. These fly parasites are extremely effective at controlling the fly population on our horse farm. Over the last 10 years, we have been consistently rewarded with a fly free barn, and very low fly volume in our horse paddocks. The packages containing these wonderful bugs arrive promptly, and are very simple to use. They are completely safe around people and animals. My staff loves them; it is truly a pesticide free working solution to those pesky flies for livestock, equines, and other working farms. We highly recommend Bugs For Bugs!

Port Perry, Ontario

Cheryl Huis

I love Bugs for Bugs!! This is the best product I've ever used for fly control in the 30 years I have had horses. I currently have a small farm with 2 Arabian horses and 2 miniature horses. In the past, I bred Arabian horses and had up to 10 horses at one time. The fly predators have eliminated any need to use chemical sprays in my barn or outside in the paddocks. They are easy to use, always arrive on time and take about 5 minutes to spread around the paddock. I find the price very reasonable compared to chemical sprays and the biggest bonus is not using pesticides that are harmful to the environment, me and my horses!! Every time somebody visits my farm, they always comment on the fact that we have very few flies buzzing around. I always tell them about “Bugs for Bugs”. Even my vet and my mail carrier are now using them!! I have been a customer of “Bugs for Bugs” for many years and Frank Marchetti has always provided exceptional customer service. Thank-you Frank for providing this product to all livestock farms!

Muirkirk, Ontario

Joanne Kay

I have been using ‘Bugs for Bugs’ for the past 12 years. They are an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly way of reducing the fly problem. They arrive on time at regular intervals, and are reasonably priced. ‘Bugs for Bugs’ are the cornerstone of my fly management program.

Erin, Ontario

Sandra Harder

I first saw the work of fly parasites at a dairy farm where we bought hay for our three horses and was amazed by the fly control where previously they had none. The farm provided the contact info to Bugs For Bugs and the rest is history. I live where there is heavy black soil and in all years the flies are pretty much unbearable but especially in wet summers from mid July to early September. Fly parasites worked unbelievably well controlling the fly population and now we enjoy the summers with the horses not being tormented by flies. The bugs arrive as scheduled and the product is so easy to use and takes only minutes to apply. I don’t know they are there after application. Ordering is easy and the company follows up with great service if you have any questions or concerns. The product is affordable and I like the fact that it is all natural. No chemicals to worry about. I recommend to anyone who has a fly population issue. It really works!

Morris, Manitoba

Cathy Bewick

I have been using Bugs for Bugs for a number of years. My husband and myself own a garden centre and being environmentally responsible, have been using an integrated pest management{IPM} approach to control a variety of insects rather than insecticides. I was amazed at how well it worked and decided to try this approach in my horse barn. Previously, I used a misting system that sprayed pesticides to control flies. After the success of using Bugs for Bugs, I would never go back to using chemicals. Bugs for Bugs results have been overwhelming and has saved us money. I am extremely happy with the results of using the fly parasites in management of barn flies and are extremely easy to use. I order before fly season starts and they arrive every 2 weeks throughout the summer. Bugs for Bugs has allowed a healthy environment for both the horses and humans. I strongly recommend trying them and you will become a loyal customer like me.

Cedarcrest Farm Rothesay, New Brunswick

Susan Bunge

Very clear instructions are sent with every delivery. I started using this fly control program years ago. I had eleven horses at that time. When my herd reduced I decided that perhaps the flies would too. So, I did not order any that year. We were inundated with flies in the house that fall and then in the spring when the warmth hatched the overwintered larvae. I considered that year as my control year and have started the Bugs for Bugs cycle in April since then. We live in a tick-infested area so all I need for the horses is wipe down and inspection which means not spraying therefore not breathing or wasting pesticides. My year without Bugs for Bugs convinced me that eliminating disease spreading flies is necessary and definitely cuts down on toxic chemicals for both humans and horses.

Woodlawn, Ontario

Using fly parasites successfully requires an early start.
Don’t wait until you already have a lot of flies!

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